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Yogita Raghuvanshi India’s First Female Truck Driver

Yogita Raghuvanshi is India’s first female truck driver from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She has dared to walk into the field which is mainly known for men’s field. Truck drivers reminds us mainly of males driving trucks but now you might see sometime a woman driving truck and her name is Yogita Raghuvanshi.


She is professionally qualified lawyer but now into the trucking industry since last more than one decade and she has driven the truck more than 5 lakh kilometeres on the bumpy Indian roads across the states. She belongs to a Uttar Pradesh family, which settled in Maharashtra. She was married to a person, who was told her as practicing lawyer in Madhya Pradesh High Court. But it was not true and since then her relationship got strained with her husband. Later husband died and at that time it was she had to take the decision to earn bread and butter for her family. Though she is law graduate but she knew that a lawyer in her initial days of practice do not earn enough for running a family of three. That’s why she opt for the job of truck driver where she was supposed to get instant money sufficient to take care of her family.

She has been working on different consignment as a truck driver and travelling across India for pickup and delivery of industrial goods from one city to other. She is happily doing her job of Truck driver and has distinction to be the first in this Industry in India. She has been covered widely in Media for her daring job of truck driver, which is a very demanding and risky in nature, specially in India, where people don’t driver according to driving rules.

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