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Toll Tax in Ramayana on Rohtak Hisar Road, Haryana

Toll Tax in Ramayana, Rohtak Hisar Road, Haryana – It is a toll plaza situated on Rohtak – Hisar / Hisar Rohtak road i.e. a national highway from Delhi to Fazilka. Those who are travelling across this high will need to pass the Ramayana toll tax near Ramayana village in Haryana.

Toll Tax in India

Ramayana ( BOT )
Km 161.500 – NH-10 (Old 9) in Haryana
Stretch : Rohtak – Hisar (Km 87.00 to Km 170.00)
Tollable Length : 43.200 Km(s)
Fee Effective Date : 01-Aug-2016 / Due date of toll revision : 31-Mar-2017
Type of vehicle Single Journey Return Journey Monthly Pass Commercial Vehicle Registered within the district of plaza
Car/Jeep/Van 65.00 100.00 2170.00 35.00
LCV 105.00 160.00 3505.00 55.00
Bus/Truck 220.00 330.00 7350.00 110.00
Upto 3 Axle Vehicle 240.00 360.00 8015.00 120.00
4 to 6 Axle 345.00 520.00 11525.00 175.00
HCM/EME 345.00 520.00 11525.00 175.00
7 or more Axle 420.00 630.00 14030.00 210.00
Date of fee notification 21-Jul-2016 (Sr No. – S.O. 2490(E))
Commercial Operation Date 21-Jul-2016
Capital Cost of Project (in Rs. Cr.) NA
Cumulative Toll Revenue (in Rs. Cr.) NA As on :21-Jul-2016
Design Capacity (PCU) NA
Traffic (PCU/day) NA As on : 21-Jul-2016
Target Traffic (PCU/day) NA As on : 21-Jul-2016
Name of Concessionaire / OMT Contractor M/s Rohtak Hissar Tollway Pvt.Ltd
Name / Contact Details of Incharge 0 / 0
Monthly pass applicable for local non-commercial vehicles: Rs.235(with in 20 km)
The Concessionaire shall issue 50 or more one way tickets at a discounted rate equivalent to 2/3rd of the fee payable during the period of one month form the date of payment of fee. The amount indicated is for monthly pass for 50 one way trips. However, if any person asks more than 50 trips during a period of one month,the Concessionaire shall be required to issue such tickets at a discounted rate as above.

Facilities Available Near Toll Plaza
Rest Areas :
Truck Lay byes :
Static Weigh Bridge :
Important Information
Helpline No. : Crane-, Ambulance -, Route Patrol-
Emergency Services :
Nearest Police Station: /
Highway Administrator (Project Director): Sh. Virender Sambyal / 01262-282010
Representative of Concessionaire: /
Representative of Consultant: /
Nearest Hospital(s):

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